10 Over Used Eng­lish Words and What You Can Use Instead

Here’s a great list for overused words!


  •  Lit­tle- small, insuf­fi­cient, minute, tiny, mea­gre, slight, mini, petite, brief, lim­it­ed 💡
  • Pret­ty- attrac­tive, beau­ti­ful, cute, ele­gant, good-look­ing, love­ly, pleas­ant, hand­some (for a male)
  • Saw- glimpsed, spied, gazed, looked, watched, observed, glanced 🙄
  • Com­fort­able- appro­pri­ate, com­pla­cent, con­ve­nient, cozy, easy, loose, pleas­ant, relaxed, use­ful, snug
  • Nice- like­able, agree­able, love­ly, friend­ly, kind, thought­ful, decent 🙂
  • Inter­est­ing- engag­ing, exot­ic, fas­ci­nat­ing, impres­sive, intrigu­ing, stim­u­lat­ing, unusu­al, strik­ing, love­ly, com­pelling 😯

And More Overused Eng­lish Words

  • Good- fine, excel­lent, great, mar­velous, won­der­ful, sat­is­fy­ing, ter­rif­ic, delight­ful 😀
  • Said- told, respond­ed, stat­ed, remarked, com­ment­ed, replied, exclaimed, men­tioned
  • Awe­some- amaz­ing, alarm­ing, aston­ish­ing, awful, awe-inspir­ing, dread­ful, breath­tak­ing, impos­ing, impres­sive, mag­nif­i­cent, won­der­ful 😛
  • Like- love, pre­fer, appre­ci­ate, fan­cy, enjoy, favour, want, adore 😉

Thesaurus for the Word of the Day!

Thesaurus for
Synonyms: banal, bland, flat, innocent, innoxious, inobnoxious, inoffensive, insipid, jejune, kind, painless, safe, sapless, unobjectionable, unoffending, weak
Antonyms: bad, damaging, destructive, harmful, hurtful, injurious

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Thesaurus for the WOD


Thesaurus for Vacillate
– verb
go back and forth
Synonyms: alternate, be indecisive, be irresolute, change, change mind, dither, fence-straddle, fluctuate, hedge, hem and haw, hesitate, hover, oscillate, pause, pussyfoot around, reel, rock, run hot and cold, seesaw, shilly-shally, stagger, straddle, sway, swing, waffle, waver, whiffle, yo-yo
Antonyms: remain, stay

Thesaurus for the Word of the Day


Thesaurus for Precocious
– adjective
exceptionally smart, ahead of age in understanding
Synonyms: advanced, aggressive, ahead of time, beforehand, bold, brassy, bright, cheeky, cocky, developed, early, flip, flippant, forward, fresh, intelligent, mature, nervy, premature, presumptuous, pushy, quick, sassy, smart-alecky
Antonyms: stupid

Thesaurus for the Word of the Day!


– adjective
easygoing, casual
Synonyms: airy, breezy, buoyant, carefree, careless, free and easy, gay, happy-go-lucky, heedless, jaunty, lighthearted, nonchalant, sunny, thoughtless, unconcerned, untroubled, unworried
Antonyms: anxious, high-strung, nervous

Synonyms and Antonyms

– adjective
encouraging; favorable
Synonyms: advantageous, bright, favorable, felicitous, fortunate, golden, halcyon, happy, hopeful, lucky, opportune, promising, propitious, prosperous, rosy, timely, well-timed
Antonyms: inauspicious, inopportune, ominous, unfortunate, unhappy, unlucky