Love Of Words’ Quote of the Day for Sunday 

I have to see a thing a thousand times before I see it once. 

~Thomas Wolfe

July 9, 1937: On this day, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a letter to Thomas Wolfe, advising his fellow author to write shorter novels. Wolfe responded with a letter eight times as long as Fitzgerald’s.


Quote of the day for Monday, October 13th


are you breathing, are you lucky enough 
to be breathing 

Hettie Jones

October 13, 1958: LeRoi Jones (later Amiri Baraka) and Hettie Cohen got married 56 years ago today. The event would later be chronicled in Cohen’s popular memoir, How I Became Hettie Jones.


Quote of the day for Tuesday, September 2nd


There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches. 

Ray Bradbury

September 2, 1932: Science fiction master Ray Bradbury was a 12-year-old boy when he walked into a carnival tent and met Mr. Electrico—a moment that he credits with making him want to be a writer. The performer tapped him with an electrified sword and shouted: “Live forever!”

Quote of the Day!


He was going to live forever, or die in the attempt.

Joseph Heller

May 1, 1923: Author Joseph Heller was born on Coney Island, 90 years ago today. Would Catch-18, his original title for his best-known work, have caught on the way Catch-22 did?