Thank Goodness it’s the middle of the week already! Have a great quote for you today!

Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger. 

Ben Okri

Happy 58th birthday, Ben Okri! As a teenager, the Nigerian poet and novelist lived through his country’s civil war. He originally wanted to be a physicist, but soon decided that poetry was his true calling.

Happy Saturday All! Here’s the Quote of the Day…


Writing is learning to say nothing, more cleverly each day. 

William Allingham

Irish poet William Allingham (born March 19, 1824) achieved a moderate level of fame during his lifetime, but he is best remembered for his posthumously published diary, which was edited by his wife. The diary details his entertaining encounters with Alfred Tennyson, Thomas Carlyle, and other famous writers.


Happy Thursday! Here’s your quote of the day…


Once, poets were magicians. Poets were strong, stronger than warriors or kings — stronger than old hapless gods. And they will be strong once again. 

Greg Bear

Happy birthday, Greg Bear! The acclaimed science fiction author was one of the original co-founders of San Diego Comic-Con. The first convention, held in 1970, drew about 100 attendees, but nowadays the world-famous event attracts over 100,000 fans per year.


Have a wonderfully relaxing Sunday! Here’s the quote for today…

I happen to love this author and in my opinion, no library is complete without one of his tomes 😎

I wanted the whole world or nothing.

Charles Bukowski

According to city records, Charles Bukowski was born in Andernach, Germany on August 16, 1920, a month after his parents had gotten married. Despite this, the poet and novelist repeatedly claimed he had been born out of wedlock.


Happy Saturday! Here’s your quote of the day…

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. 

Robert Frost

August 1, 1915: Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken was first published in the Atlantic Monthly 100 years ago today. While the poem works as a metaphor for the weight we put on turning points in our lives, Frost later insisted the verses were simply inspired by a literal walk in the woods.


Quote of the day for Thursday!


Where did feelings go when they disappeared? Did they leave a chemical trace somewhere in our minds, so that if we could look inside ourselves we would see via the patterns of neurons some of the important things that had happened to us in our lifetimes? 

Evelyn Lau

Happy birthday, Evelyn Lau! Her parents pressured her to become a doctor, but the future Vancouver poet laureate had other ideas, publishing her first poem at the age of 12 and her first memoir—of two, so far—at the age of 18.


Quote of the day for Wednesday 


I love a sunburnt country, 

A land of sweeping plains, 

Of ragged mountain ranges, 

Of droughts and flooding rains. 

I love her far horizons, 

I love her jewel-sea, 

Her beauty and her terror – 

The wide brown land for me! 

Dorothea Mackellar

Australian poet Dorothea Mackellar (born July 1, 1885) wrote one of Australia’s best known poems, My Country, when she was just 19 while feeling homesick in England.


Quote of the day!

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Jill M Roberts


Break a vase, and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than that love which took its symmetry for granted when it was whole. 

Derek Walcott

Happy 86th birthday, Derek Walcott! The decorated poet, who was born on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, has won everything from the Nobel Prize to the MacArthur “genius” grant.

All My Best,
Jill M Roberts

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Quote of the day for Saturday


Some things you know all your life. They are so simple and true they must be said without elegance, meter and rhyme…they must be naked and alone, they must stand for themselves. 

Philip Levine

Happy 88th birthday, Philip Levine! The former Poet Laureate of the United States started out with factory jobs at Cadillac and Chevrolet, then went on to write poetry about working-class Detroit.

All My Best,
Jill M Roberts


Love of Words quote of the day for Wednesday!


What is so marvelous about living today is that it is possible to extend, like a flower, spreading petals in all directions.

Carolyn Kizer

Carolyn Kizer (born December 10, 1925) was a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet who wrote a series of poems titled Pro Femina and also translated Japanese and Chinese works. When she was 17 years old, one of her poems was published in the New Yorker.