Here’s Tuesday’s Quote of the Day!

I want to understand you, 

I study your obscure language. 

Alexander Pushkin

Russian poet Alexander Pushkin (born June 6, 1799) was part of the country’s literati from age 15. By 26, he had begun publishing the serialization of Eugene Onegin, his novel in verse. By 37, he was dead, killed in one of the 29 duels that he fought in his short life.


3 thoughts on “Here’s Tuesday’s Quote of the Day!

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  2. A great choice of a poet to highlight, Of course I am biased, he was the only Russian poet I memorized for my own pleasure at school. I like especially that, like me, he enjoyed some obscure bits of Russian mythology, folklore and fairy tales, in fact I was just telling Morticia yesterday how he inspired my understanding of the playing cards through his Saint Germain based story.
    JekyllHydeClub on Youtube

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