Word of the day for Saturday!




1. given to or characterized by gross excess in drinking or eating.
2. suffering from or due to such excess.


Hastily running across the court to his own rooms, he groped his way—giddy and crapulous —up the dark and narrow staircase, and, after some fumbling with his key, opened the door.
— Frederic W. Farrar , Julian Home: A Tale of College Life , 1866

They asked what she did in London and she explained how she helped run an arts festival, and it sounded fey and crapulous. So she told the story of the drunken newsreader they’d booked the previous year…
— Mark Haddon , A Spot of Bother , 2006


Crapulous came to English in the mid-1500s from the Late Latin crāpulōsus .


5 thoughts on “Word of the day for Saturday!

  1. I’ve always thought “crap” to be such a flexible word. Prefix-it. Suffix-it. You can do anything with it. Like add “ulous” to it…, and there ya go: A new word! 😉 😉


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