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The best portion of a good man’s life: his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.

William Wordsworth

British poet William Wordsworth (born April 7, 1770) was a key figure in the Romantic Age, which privileged emotion over reason and was seen as a cultural revolt against the Industrial Revolution.


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day!

  1. Can you share a bit more about Wordsworth? I didn’t realize his work was that long ago and that he revolted against the Industrial Revolution in Europe….Can you tell us why?


    • I’m thrilled that you liked the post and are asking more! Thank You so much! I found out some more information about Wordsworth and the Industrial Revolution. Much of it gets into Romanticism.
      Wordsworth was the beginning of a new genre of writing. In the late18th century a lot of society and writing focussed around order and reason, however Wordsworth romantic and naturalistic writing created a tremendous break through. With the joint efforts and collaboration with Samuel Coleridge he published ‘Lyrical Ballads’ which helped start the English Romantic movement. Wordsworth close attention to analysis on environment, geography and physicality in his poetry emphasised his controversial approach. He emphasizes the phenomenological interaction between inner and outer worlds, but with his romantic landscape poems containing political aspects that are intrinsic with the prospect poem and referring to nature which corresponds with the poet’s inner self is loaded with political and cultural values. Showing Wordsworth ability to highlight and criticize society, political and social injustices at the time through in depth description of nature.

      Romanticism is a complex, self-contradictory artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that originated in the second half of the 18th century in Western Europe, and gained strength during the Industrial Revolution. It was partly a revolt against aristocratic social and political norms and a reaction against the scientific rationalization of nature and a movement in revolt against the Neoclassicism of the previous centuries, and was embodied most strongly in the visual arts, music and literature. Romanticism placed a new emphasis on such emotions as trepidation, horror, and the awe experienced in confronting the sublimity in untamed nature and its qualities that are scenic and spectacular. Wordsworth produced poetry that highlighted the picturesque and beauty in nature.


      • So he really played a large role in the romanticism era being introduced, emphasizing natur’e’s beauty and bahumbugging the strictly scientific viewpoint which would have been riding high at that particular time in history with the industrial revolution. Now, I have heard varying claims of just when the “indus rev” really got on it’s feet in Europe then in the U.S… What is your take on that? I have always believed that the US revolution didn’t really take off until the 1950’s but have recently been informed that it was much earlier a time than that. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

        I see several novels by Patricia Briggs in your sidebar here. Are you Patricia?


      • No, although I wish I wrote as well as her! I’m reading the second series now, Alpha & Omega and it’s quite good. I spend so much time writing and researching King Arthur, I like to indulge in recreational reading (basically anything not scholarly based on my downtime) I’d have to agree with you as far as the industrial revolution here in the US. I thought it started around the 50s too or after the Depression. I promise to look into tonight and let you know what I find 🙂
        I don’t know if you had the chance to check my other blogs, but if you’re interested, my Arthurian one is at ArthurianRomances.com and I also have a poetry blog at JillNYC.com.
        Thanks for the great questions and comments and I’ll get back to you about the US Industrial Revolution as soon as possible!
        All My Best,


      • I wrote an entire few paragraphs back to you here then lost it. lol Thanks for the info and I will wait for further word from you later. You might enjoy my novel, “Courage Times Three. A Novel” on Amazon or B&N


      • I LOVE the smell of real books! I know that ebooks are cheeper and more convenient but there’s nothing like holding a book in your hand! I’m on the east coast on the upper east side of NYC! So if I get back to you a little late it’s due to the time difference 😉
        All My Best,


      • ah, I C you are just one hour later than me so no big deal. none anyway. The nice thing about social networking on the pc. It’s not like the phone is ringing late at night. lol


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