Word of the day!


Don’t know about you, but this is definitely me! Let me know in the comments section how you feel when it’s a rainy day.
All My Best,
Jill aka 1morganlefaye


3 thoughts on “Word of the day!

  1. Very much so. Really identify with the Garbage lyrics: “I’m only happy when it rains.” I kind of live for it… I live in So Cal now where rain is painfully rare, but I lived near Seattle for a year (long time ago), and I think rained 11 of the 12 months I was there, and I LOVED it. I should have stayed… ~ Bill


    • Bill, I’m just like you! I live for the rain myself. I’m a native New Yorker (and we get plenty of rain) but I miss the days I spent back and forth between here and London. There’s nothing quite like a rainy day in Seattle and London! 🙂
      All My Best,


  2. I wouldn’t say that I am a lover of rain, however, I do find peace of mind in the rain. Sitting on the porch listening to the raindrops falling on the trees. I like going for walks in the rain, it refreshes the soul.


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