It’s snowing here in New York City, hope it’s nice weather in your part of the world! Here’s your quote of the day…


It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.

John Guare

Happy 76th birthday, John Guare! The American playwright is known for work that is at once comic and emotionally devastating, like his first (and most famous) play, The House of Blue Leaves.


5 thoughts on “It’s snowing here in New York City, hope it’s nice weather in your part of the world! Here’s your quote of the day…

    • Thanks Christopher! Think I might take the kids out for a snowball fight and my camera to take some nice pics of the snow in Central Park. By tomorrow the snow will be gray sludge LOL
      Have a great day yourself! 🙂


      • Oh there’s loads to do in virtually any neighborhood in Manhattan! What’s crazy is that as a New Yorker, I rarely get to do those wonderful things LOL I think sometimes life gets in the way and it gets taken for granted. But I can definitely give you some good tips on where to go! I’ve been to the UK many times (mostly England for research on the Arthurian articles I write) and LOVE it! Never been to Wales unfortunately and I’m Welsh on my father’s side! Last name Roberts!
        Let me know what you’re into (museums, concerts, etc) and I’ll give you some insider tips 🙂
        And I’m definitely going to check out your blog!
        All My Best,


      • Hey Jill! How sweet of you! I’m really looking forward to the big apple as compared to what we have hear the scale of the place looks astonishing. In contrast you would probably find the rolling hills of the Welsh countryside and small villages away from the capital Cardiff to be interesting by virtue of it just being different to what you are used to. What a coincidence! Welsh on your fathers side, that’s pretty cool! Our ancestors may have been good friends haha. I think I just want to drink in as much as possible in the 5 days I’m there so literally any little titbits you might have for me would be cool. Stay in touch! Chris


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