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un-NAL-uh-sand, -zand


Psychiatry. a person undergoing psychoanalysis.

Put simply (and to my mind it was a ludicrously simple idea), instead of the analyst listening to the patient and then providing an interpretation, of whatever kind, Alkan would say what he thought the analysand would say. 
— Will Self , The Quantity Theory of Insanity , 1993 

I had been an analysand myself for eight years, two or three times a week, with breaks for babies. When puzzled and distraught it is nice to have a hired hand to talk to – though a week’s silent reflection might do as well. 
— Fay Weldon , Mantrapped , 2004 

Analysand is a combination of analyze + -and . While this term existed in English since the 1850s, it was not until the 1920s that it took on its psychoanalytical sense.


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