Happy Halloween! Here’s your Quote of the day!


By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

William Shakespeare

Happy Halloween! Stage lore has it that Shakespeare’s witchy tragedy, Macbeth, is cursed. Thespians refuse to utter the title inside a theater, calling it instead, “the Scottish play.” What’s your favorite spooky story?


8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! Here’s your Quote of the day!

  1. I live in a house that was once documented (1970s) to be haunted by the UCLA Dept. of Psychology’s Paranormal Activity Lab, headed-up by Thelma Moss. True story. Activity has calmed down a lot, but there have been some stories over the years. Seems like, since my kids have grown up (in their 20s now), things have calmed down a lot (except for my “kids”…haha). ~ This is possibly my favorite day of the year. Definitely in my top 5. Great post! Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain! ~ Bill


    • Bill, that’s an amazing story!!! I would be frightened to death! I absolutely believe in all that & would never sleep a wink! How do you do it?! Thanks for the great history of your house & Happy Halloween!! 🙂

      All My Best, Jill



      • Haha. So far it hasn’t been the stuff of Hollywood, and really not much at all in recent years, so that helps with the sleep part. 🙂 But my wife grew up in this house, and she says that back in the 70s and 80s things would happen… such as, once a picture frame suddenly flew across the living room, and another time a lamp turned on even though it was not plugged in… Etc. (I know, right?!?!). 😮


      • That’s so incredibly cool!!! You guys should get Ghost Hunters (I think that’s the name of the show LOL) in! Especially if things start acting up! There must a long history there!

        All My Best, Jill



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