Quote of the day!


Poetry is a way of looking at the world for the first time.

W.S. Merwin

September 30, 1927: Happy 86th birthday, W.S. Merwin! The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet currently lives on a plantation in Maui where he grows different varieties of ferns. He has gone from writing about war to focusing on Buddhist philosophy and the natural world.


Quote of the day!


It isn’t ever delicate to live.

Kay Ryan

September 27, 1945: Happy 68th birthday, Kay Ryan! After years as a literary outsider, Ryan was named the U.S. Poet Laureate. During her two terms she advocated for community colleges like the College of Marin, where she taught a remedial English class for decades.

Quote of the day!


Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.

Jane Smiley

September 26, 1949: Happy 64th birthday, Jane Smiley! The novelist’s goal was to write a book in each of the four major narrative forms—a tragedy (A Thousand Acres), an epic (The Greenlanders), a comedy (Moo), and a romance (The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton).

Quote of the day!


Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy.

Shel Silverstein

September 25, 1930: Shel Silverstein is most remembered for his children’s books, but he also worked as a cartoonist for Playboy and wrote songs for stars like Loretta Lynn and Waylon Jennings. His biggest hit is probably the Johnny Cash song, A Boy Named Sue. Silverstein was born in Chicago, 83 years ago today.

Quote of the day!


Someday we’ll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me

Jim Henson

September 24, 1936: Jim Henson was fascinated with puppets from childhood—he was just 18 when he debuted his puppets on local TV. Henson voiced some of his most famous characters: Ernie, Rowlf the Dog, and, of course, Kermit the Frog. He was born 77 years ago today.

Quote of the day!


Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.


September 23, 480 B.C.: Euripides was one of the great Greek tragedians. According to legend, he was born on the day that Greece won an epic battle against Persia and lived some of his life as a recluse in a cave with a magnificent library. He was born 2,492 years ago today.

Word of the day!

n. ee-gres; v. ih-gres IPA
— noun
the act or an instance of going, especially from an enclosed place.
a means or place of going out; an exit.
the right or permission to go out.
Astronomy , emersion(def 1).
— verb (used without object)
to go out; emerge.

Quote of the day!


Love can make even nice people do awful things.

Jude Deveraux

September 20, 1947: Happy 66th birthday, Jude Deveraux! In a twist that sounds like it could have been the subject of one of her historical romances, she fell prey to a family of fortune-tellers, who reportedly swindled her out of nearly $20 million dollars. The case is currently being tried.

Quote of the Day!


Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy.

William Golding

September 19, 1911: William Golding’s first novel was Lord of the Flies. In later years the author suffered an artistic crisis and, in an attempt to deal with it, kept a dream diary for two decades. He was born in Cornwall, 102 years ago today.

Word of the Day!

in-awr-dn-it IPA
— adjective
not within proper or reasonable limits; immoderate; excessive: He drank an inordinate amount of wine.
unrestrained in conduct, feelings, etc.: an inordinate admirer of beauty.
disorderly; uncontrolled.
not regulated; irregular: inordinate hours.
— Related forms 
in·or·di·nate·ly, adverb 
in·or·di·nate·ness, noun