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One thought on “Quote of the Day!

  1. Anger is a perfectly natural, healthy and essential emotional response to trauma, wrongdoing and downright evil.

    It is also an essential motivational force for good. After horrific wars of genocide people are usually too angry to allow it to happen all over again. Only after our anger at senseless murder has subsided, and society has become all fat and happy again, do we allow our rulers to start another round of mass murder on our behalf.

    To use a digestion analogy we might distinguish between human excrement (which has no redeeming features) and the process of excretion itself (which is very healthy and essential to life). In the same way there is negativity and then there is our rejection/ expulsion of that negativity which is where anger comes into play. In this way anger itself is not negative, anger is how we process negativity.

    Expressing anger is not really the same as ‘being angry’ which usually means just being full t the brim with negativity and NOT expressing it in anger.

    It has become popular in the ‘love and light’ world of ‘positive thinking’ to suppress/ ignore/ bury/ evade anger as if it were a ‘negative emotion’ and a sign of weakness or failure. This is the equivalent of trying to suppress going to the toilet because excrement is so smelly. In both cases (emotion or digestion) this can cause a blockage. Not good!

    Anger is often the first stage in processing negativity, before we move on to turning that negativity into something more positive. Expressing anger with true abandon is often all we need to do ‘excrete’ whatever negativity has accumulated within us – during the day at work, or during an abusive relationship or during our entire childhood. Expressing anger does not have to mean smashing up shop windows or attacking people with sticks… just as going to the toilet does not have to mean – well, use your imagination… (sorry!)

    Expressing anger has become so socially unacceptable these days that there are very few avenues to do it, and most of us now live in cities working ten jobs just to pay the rent so there is little time or space to express anger as well. If you go to the park and start screaming or wrestling with a tree (or whatever) people will probably call the men in white coats….. yet if you bottle it up for years and become a miserable git (or even worse a ‘smiling depressive’) nobody will bat an eyelid.

    If you’re ‘carrying around’ anger that means you are not processing negativity. The worst thing you can do in this case it to then try to bury it or pretend it isn’t there. Expressing and experiencing anger creatively and honestly can be a joy.

    I bet if we were not so socialised to never ‘let it all out’ society would be much less aggressive (and self destructive) and there’d be much less illness too 🙂


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