Word of the Day!


[ ret – uh -s uh nt ]
disposed to be silent or not to speak freely; reserved.
reluctant or restrained.

Example Sentences:
They are sometimes reticent , because they think it is going to be too complicated, too this or too that.
Much of the mystery was of her own making, growing out of her reticent , elusive personality.
Yet public policy makers are slow or reticent to create policies that reduce or eliminate smoking in public places.

Origin: 1825–35; < Latin reticent- (stem of reticēns ), present participle of reticēre to be silent, equivalent to re- re- + -tic-, combining form of tacēre to be silent (cf. tacit) + -ent- -ent
Related Forms—-
ret·i·cence , ret·i·cen·cy , noun
ret·i·cent·ly , adverb
non·ret·i·cent , adjective
non·ret·i·cent·ly , adverb
un·ret·i·cent , adjective
un·ret·i·cent·ly , adverb


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