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Word of the Day!

[ skruhm ]
Definition: a place or situation of confusion and racket; hubbub.
– noun
a Rugby play in which, typically, three members of each team line up opposite one another with a group of two and a group of three players behind them, making an eight-person, three-two-three formation on each side; the ball is then rolled between the opposing front lines, the players of which stand with arms around a teammate’s waist, meeting the opponent shoulder to shoulder, and attempt to kick the ball backward to a teammate.
British. a place or situation of confusion and racket; hubbub.
– verb
to engage in a scrum.

This wasn’t to be a scrum , but a more formal announcement, with the journalists plugging into a multifeed box for the audio.
– Terry Fallis, The High Road , 2010
The half who was taking the scrum whipped the ball out in the direction of his colleague.
– P. G. Wodehouse, A Prefect’s Uncle , 1903

Quote of the Day!

With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.

Margaret Mitchell

June 30, 1936: Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about the American South during and after the Civil War, was published 77 years ago today.

Word of the Day!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Here’s your Word of the Day! 🙂

lese majesty
[ LEZ MAJ-uh-stee, LEEZ- ]
Definition: an attack on any custom, institution, belief, etc., held sacred or revered by numbers of people.
– noun
Law. a. a crime, especially high treason, committed against the sovereign power. b. an offense that violates the dignity of a ruler.
an attack on any custom, institution, belief, etc., held sacred or revered by numbers of people: Her speech against Mother’s Day was criticized as lese majesty.

Little brother, if you’re going to commit lese majesty , never do it by messenger. I’d have to execute him too, and it’s wasteful.
– Harry Turtledove, The Misplaced Legion , 1987
His father was what you call an agitator, and his father was in jail for lese majesty —what you call speaking the truth about the Emperor.
– Jack London, The Iron Heel , 1908

Quote of the Day!

My little old dog
a heart-beat
at my feet

Edith Wharton

June 29, 1921: Edith Wharton’s New York society novel, The Age of Innocence, won a Pulitzer Prize 92 years ago today. She was the first woman to win the award.

Another WOD relating to grammar usage!


[ uh-SIN-di-ton ]
Definition: the omission of conjunctions.
– noun
Rhetoric. the omission of conjunctions, as in “He has provided the poor with jobs, with opportunity, with self-respect.”
Library Science. the omission of cross references, especially from a catalog.

So how could Eddy, who could not sort his own, have made anything at all of the jumble of mixed motives and crossed purposes, ordinary and routine as heavy traffic, or seen design in their snarl of wills, feelings, and intentions, asynchronous and asyndeton as timber soaking in a logjam?
– Stanley Elkin, The Magic Kingdom , 1985
The most brilliant general would be laughed at—albeit behind his back—if he couldn’t report his accomplishments using chiasmus and litotes, praeteritio and asyndeton and a thousand other absurdities.
– David Drake, Out of the Waters , 2011

Word of the Day!

[ MIK-uhl ]
Definition: great; large; much.
– adjective
Archaic. great; large; much.

The shipmaster laughed: “Friend,” said he, “we can thee mickle thanks for all that thou biddest us. And wot well that we be no lifters or sea—thieves to take thy livelihood from thee.”
– William Morris, The Wood Beyond the World , 1894
If I to-day die not with Frenchmen’s rage,/To-morrow I shall die with mickle age…
– William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 1 , 1591

Quote of the Day!

Here’s your quote of the day! Hope everyone has a great Friday! 🙂

I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Gilda Radner

June 28, 1946: Gilda Radner was part of the original cast of Saturday Night Live and wrote a popular autobiography, It’s Always Something. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, 67 years ago today.