Could the two of my favorite women in Celtic Mythology be related or one in the same?

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As an Arthurian scholar and enthusiast, I love Morgan Le Faye. She has a very sensual and powerful je ne sais quoi. On the other hand, I also like the Morrighan in Irish mythology. These two women share so many characteristics could they be one in the same? I did a little research, and below you’ll see what I found.


The Morrighan

The Morrigan, the Great Queen, the Phantom Queen and the Monster Queen and her sisters Babd and Macha, are a triple Fairy Queen. They are mistresses of war, magic and prophesy. The Morrigan’s animal form is a crow, and thus she appears as the fairy of death in battle.
It was by her valor, future sight and druid’s magic that Tuatha Dé Danann, the Tribe of Danu, defeated the Fir Blogs in the first battle of Mag Tuired. That the Celtic war diety is female, and not male…

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Quote of the day for Thursday!

Today’s quote is from one of my favorite authors Karen Blixen (or you may know her by her pen name Isak Dinesen, or who she was by Meryl Streep’s amazing performance of her in Out of Africa )


I know of a cure for everything: salt water…in one way or the other. Sweat, or tears, or the salt sea.

Karen Blixen

Karen Blixen (born April 17, 1885) wrote under several pen names including Isak Dinesen, the name she used for Out of Africa, a novel based on the two decades she spent on a coffee plantation in Kenya.

Quote of the day for Tuesday!

It’s a rainy day here in New York City. Hope you’re having better weather where you are! Here’s your quote of the day…


The helpful thought for which you look
Is written somewhere in a book.

Edward Gorey

Though creepy-cute pioneer Edward Gorey (died April 15, 2000) was not a fan of children, he did love the ballet, cats, and, perhaps incongruously, fur coats. He left his estate to a trust benefiting animals–his cats continued to live at his house after his death.